intel apps

virtual industry day #3

time of event: 0900 – 1130 EST
Tuesday 8 JUNE, 2021

Registration for this event closes at 1200 on Monday 7 June, 2021








This virtual event will provide Industry with additional information regarding the second Intelligence Application – Intelligence Support to Targeting.  This particular event will primarily focus on the Intel Support to Targeting Intel App requirements (updates), the Government’s updated contract strategy and schedule, the upcoming Intel Support to Targeting (Draft) Request for Proposal (RFP), a development-focused demonstration of the Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE) Software Development Kit (SDK), and additional information regarding the next version of the Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSIv3). 

Overall, the Intel Apps program will provide leap-ahead software capability in support of the Multi-Domain Intelligence (MDI) Framework, Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), and Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) by enabling intelligence professionals to work through the intelligence cycle with increased speed, precision and accuracy.  Specifically, the Intel Support to Targeting Application will assist identifying targets needed for mission success during mission planning, user-generated Target Intelligence Package (TIP) development, automated target detection notification, and Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) with target system assessment analytics. 

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